Well Testing

Foster Energy Services has extensive experience in coordinating all flowback fluids on-site to expedite a comprehensive well test.

After completions, well-testing equipment is set up to provide intelligent data on fluids recovery, composition analysis, gas rate and flow measurement, as well as solids recovery.

FOSTER ENERGY SERVICES’ Real-Time Data Reporting
Allows You To Immediately and Accurately Manage Your Operations

You can easily make time-sensitive changes, improvements, and plans for the future with our consistent, immediate and long term reporting.

  • safetyFluids Measurement & Analysis
    • Chloride Specific Gravity Testing
    • CO2 Gas Tests
    • Water Clarification
  • 24 Hour Wellsite Surveillance
  • Frac Plug Drill-Out
  • Frac Flowback Support
  • Flaring Operations
  • Field Production Support
  • Full Line of Specialized Services
  • Full Line of Production Testing


Allow us to evaluate your well testing requirements and
customize a proposal for your specific needs.

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